TCM Case Studies/Testimonials

Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport / Harbor Auto Transport


Business Group:  Automotive

Hansen & Adkins (H&A), national transporters of automobiles, was experiencing a large volume of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claims and didn’t possess the software, manpower or expertise to handle them.

TCM developed a service to streamline H&A’sEDI claims process by providing a software lease, onsite management and complete claims handling.  TCM has processed more than a thousand claims for Hansen & Adkins, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I really cannot think of anything that I would change about TCM.”

            -Rick Beroza, Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport/Harbor Auto Transport


Evans Transportation Services

Business Group:  3rd Party Logistics

Evans Transportation, a national logistics services company, used to process claims internally utilizing a master spreadsheet.  The process was extremely cumbersome, costly and time consuming.  Evans needed a way to make the process more efficient.

Evans looked at TCM’s web-based system to handle the administrative functions of the process.  The software produces reports, which provide clients with analysis and business insights to manage problem areas and minimize future claims. 

TCM has provided Evans with the ability to effectively manage customer claims with greater flexibility and accuracy. 

“TCM is a valuable partner and their service is an integral part of what Evans has to offer our new and existing customers.”

                - John E. Norgord, Evans Transportation Services

Verso Paper


Business Group:  

Onsite Management

When Verso Paper opened their doors in 2006, they were faced with the challenge of handling freight claims and customer credits internally.  It quickly became evident Verso Paper needed a way to improve the original process.

Verso turned to TCM, who immediately solved that challenge by having their experienced claims personnel be Verso’s single point of contact when filing carrier claims and issuing customer credits.  Verso is able to concentrate on their core business activities while TCM handles the entire freight claims process.

TCM onsite representatives have worked closely with the Verso Paper team to help identify damage trends and solutions.  To date, Verso Paper and TCMs efforts have led to savings of more than 1 million dollars.

“TCM representatives are extremely knowledgeable and efficient.  They ensure our freight claims are processed quickly and thoroughly from start to finish, saving us time and money.  TCM is a great partner.”

            -Mike Partridge, Verso Paper

Jack Key Auto Transport

Business Group:  Automotive

We began using TCM because the sales representative made a personal visit in 2005 and showed us how TCM could work for us.  We decided to them a try.TCM developed a strategy for Jack Key, which involved simplifying our claims process with TCM’s complete claims handling service.

The two most important advantages for our company is that significant amounts of money have been saved and we experienced an even bigger savings in the time needed to handle them.

Our customer service rep makes us feel like we are the only customer they have and responds immediately to any request we make.  She goes beyond an acceptable level of service and helps whip us into shape!  TCM is great value and an important part in our overall loss prevention system.

In the past two years, TCM has saved Jack Key Auto Transport almost $250,000

“TCM is a true partner and I really wouldn’t change anything about them.”

   -Jamey Key, Jack Key Auto Transport