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Who is TCM?

TCM serves the shipping and logistics community with claims management applications for loss/damage claims and related services. Our goal is to be the primary choice for shippers, transportation departments and third-party logistics providers by helping them lower administrative costs and reduce transaction costs. Our web-based application for the filing of transportation-related claims via the Internet allows companies to conduct their claim transactions electronically with greater efficiencies and lower handling costs.

Why should I consider TCM?

TCM and our affiliate, AutoComm, Inc., have been providing claims management solutions for clients since 1994, when we were known as Total Claims Management. We are committed to providing claims management in the most efficient and economical fashion available by utilizing the latest technology. Our primary focus at TCM is to impress our customers with our quality, innovation, service, and timeliness.

Why should I outsource my claims management requirements?

TCM’ core business is providing services related to claims management. By outsourcing this function to TCM, you can then concentrate on your business while we meet your claims management needs. Still not convinced? See the Outsourcing and Filing claims tab under "About Us".

Do I need a contract with TCM to use the web-based claim application?

Yes, the membership process is a contractual agreement between your company and TCM. This allows for the initiation, management and reporting processes to be implemented as well as the facilitation of the claims process by TCM claim administrators.

Will you be expanding your service offerings and application offerings?

TCM will continue to introduce shipper-related information and applications to meet the evolving needs of our customers, whether they are a shipper or third-party logistics provider. Input from our clients has resulted in new and expanded service offerings. TCM realizes the business environment is dynamic and it is our duty to be proactive; to take the initiative to continually re-evaluate our services and adjust them accordingly. We would like to hear from you. Please email your suggestions to

How does billing and payment work?

Our services are fee-oriented. They are based on the services required as well as the volume of the anticipated workload. They can be based on a per claim basis, monthly contracted fee or fee/claim plus percentage of monies recovered. They are extremely competitive and usually more economical than internal staffing and related costs. Most clients have found that the charges for our service allow them to reallocate their personnel resources and achieve cost savings in the area of claims management. Billing is via monthly invoices and terms are net 10 days.

How do I get started once I sign up for your services?

A claims administrator from TCM will contact you at a scheduled time and help guide you through the claims process, determined by the type and level of service for which you have contracted. Our service is very personal and we will attempt to address all your claims needs while we strive to bring total resolution to the claims filed.

How can I contact TCM?

You can email us at or call us at (248) 419-7082.

Whom should I contact at TCM to learn more about joining?

Please contact our Customer Service team at any time, at or call us at (248) 419-7082. In addition, we encourage you to register with us on the registration page so that we may add you to our data base and learn more about your individual needs in the area of claims management.

What are TCM’ terms of use?

TCM’ terms of use outlines all the conditions you and your company agree to when you access our web site and our web-based claims site at These obligations are there to help create a secure, trusted site in which you can conduct business.

What is TCM’ privacy policy?

The TCM Privacy Policy outlines exactly how TCM will or will not use the information you provide as you register and use the web site.

What obligations do I have if I register?

The terms of use rules outline all of the responsibilities and obligations you and your company have once you register with TCM. These obligations are there to help create a secure, trusted environment for you to conduct business.

What are the rules and regulations regarding the filing of freight claims?

Under the FAQ tab, you will find a section explaining this in detail. For unusual instances, our claims administrators are prepared to assist our clients, and we have many resources to consult with for problem claims. Consult the Risk of Loss Chart to determine the liability based on the shipping situation.

What are the costs associated with the filing of transportation freight claims?

There are a number of costs associated with manually filing a claim, including (but not limited to):

Consult with your TCM representative for a detailed estimate of costs related to managing your claims.

How do I file a freight claim?*

Claims must be filed in writing with any participating carrier having sufficient information to identify the shipment. In most cases, claims for loss or damage must be filed within nine months after the delivery of the property, while claims for failure to make delivery must be filed within nine months after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed.

In general, minimum filing requirements include communication in writing from a claimant, filed with a proper carrier within specified time limits. This communication must:

1.Contain facts sufficient to identify the baggage or shipment(s) of property involved.
2.Assert liability for alleged loss, damage, injury or delay
3.Make claim for a specified or determinable amount of money.

Some documents do not comply with claim filing requirements, including (but not limited to):

The following documents are required in support of claims:

In some cases, the following documentation may be required as part of the investigation:

* Please note: The list of requirements provided here is not a legal document, and is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your TCM representative for specific legal conditions and requirements that may pertain to a particular claim or filing.