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TCM was founded in September 2002 as Total Claims Management, offering web-based software to support clients with their transportation-related insurance claims management.

Alliance Inspection Management, the parent company of TCM, purchased AutoComm in 2005. AutoComm began providing freight inspection services, focusing on the automotive industry in 1986, and had been providing transportation claims management since 1994.

TCM is the leader in third-party processing of transportation freight claims. We process claims in the most efficient manner in order to provide timely reporting to clients, allowing them to focus on their core business.

TCM' innovative web-based management software enables us to process freight transportation issues online while offering other programs required by the industries and clients served. These programs allow TCM to deliver flexible solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

At TCM, all requirements of the claims management function are tied together - from delivery data and carrier information to product and shipping information - resulting in the saving of time and the elimination of redundant data entry and other inefficiencies.

TCM manages all aspects of the process from the inception of the claim to its resolution. Contact TCM today to see which solution is right for your company.


TCM will provide all customers with quality claims management services based on competency and integrity with a non-biased, accurate and timely adjudication of claims.