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TCM Services

In order for TCM to provide customized claims management programs designed to fit the individualized business needs of our clients, TCM has adopted the philosophy of why not let the client tell us what they require and we will react. The needs of our clients are as different as they are different from one another. We have found that we can best serve these requirements by offering programs that have the potential to meet these individualized needs. To fulfill this mission, TCM has divided its claims administration functions into different services.

The claims management process at TCM involves the gathering of data and disseminating it in such a way as to meet the needs of the client. This happens within the framework of doing what is necessary to satisfy the client by improving the performance of the claims process and furnishing detailed reporting so as to give the client the tools to minimize future claims. When a client outsources its' claims function to TCM, we realize we are being entrusted to perform as if we are an employee and we like keeping our job. Good evaluations lead to long term relationships. It is the goal of each business segment to obtain high marks on our evaluations.

TCM services are defined in the attached pages. If one of these services does not seem to identify with your needs, no problem. TCM will develop a program that will address your requirements. We are very adaptable and enjoy the opportunity of learning about these requirements and developing a partnership whereby we can formulate a program to meet these needs. The varying business segments defined here illustrate the adaptability of TCM to satisfy our clients. Let TCM develop a claims management program for your company.