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The Benefits of Outsourcing

Why a company should consider out sourcing their freight claims function.

Many Fortune 500 companies today as well as smaller companies are realizing the benefit of the outsourcing of specialized administrative functions to specialists in the area concerned. By outsourcing these functions, they are able to reallocate their personnel manpower to areas where they can get a better return on the investment they have in these employees. Learn how Total Claims Management (TCM), with our customized claims management programming or our innovative web-based claims management system, will improve your company's bottom line by outsourcing the freight claims function to TCM. TCM delivers flexible freight claim solutions that tie all your processes together - from delivery data, carrier information, product information and shipping information - so you save time and cut costs by the elimination of inefficiencies. Note how you can:

The following features of the TCM web based program offer all the resources your company will need to build a solid claims recovery management process.

TCM Claims Administrators work the claim from inception to resolution, editing for accuracy and completeness prior to submission where our system automatically generates reminder letters for carriers at 30, 60, 90 and 120 day intervals for claim management. Our clients are able to easily navigate between claim data screens if they choose to review claim information at anytime. There is no IT staffing required or computer software to buy. Claims can be processed 7 days a week and the system is on-line, real- time. Important supporting documents can be electronically attached to your claim with existing equipment yielding a reduction in paper and postage expenses as well as over all costs per transaction. Claims can be filed at anytime from anywhere or anyplace making it possible to link multiple locations together and centralize the claims management process. By allowing TCM to manage the claims function, our customers are then able to focus on their core business and realize a bottom line return. Go to the take a tour tab under the Web Freight Business Group to see for yourself how this technology functions. Contact TCM today by going to the registration or contact information page.