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As a third-party logistics (3 PL) company providing a variety of functions for clients, it is important to protect client’s cargo, freight or products that are being shipped because non-recovered losses impact business relationships. TCM, a third-party processor and manager of freight and transportation claims, specializes in safeguarding 3PLs and their client’s bottom lines. TCM provides 3PLs with a highly trained professional staff, proprietary online claims software and a robust IT service center to quickly and efficiently solve issues.

Through TCM, 3PLs are able to:

  • Monitor the status of claims at anytime
  • Generate reports online, such as:
    • Claims status
    • Claims collections
    • Damage trends by products and shipping locations
    • Carrier performance
    • Recurring areas of damages
  • Address problem areas and develop plans of action to reduce future claims
  • Enhance customer service and working relationships

Partnering with TCM enhances 3PLs demonstrates commitment to being a value added supplier of transportation services.

Let TCM show how we can lower your administrative costs while improving the management of the entire process. Contact us today for an online demonstration.